5 Best Pregnancy Apps

Baby appsIt just seems so; once you’re pregnant, there’s gotta be some apps for that.

And of course there are – millions of them – providing any amount of information such as pregnancy calendars, baby names, contraction measurement (will we really have time for that?), and millions of articles on what you should be eating, how to exercise while pregnant … the list goes on and on and on.

So which are these are the best and which are free? Try these 5, which are the most downloaded on iTunes.

Pregnancy+Pregnancy +
1 million users use this app to follow their pregnancy, for daily pregnancy information, colour and scan images, personal diary, doctor appointments and weight logs, contractor timer and thousands of baby names.

What to ExpectWhat to Expect
From the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” brand, this app’s strengths are in its personalised content and daily trackers, latest parenting news and access and access to a community of other mums-to-be like you.

OviaOvia Pregnancy Guide
Lots of personalised information which will help you track weight, sleep, symptoms, food nutrients, exercise and mood. This information is used to come up with personalised plans, milestones and alerts.

The answers to all of your pregnancy questions. Claims to have tens of millions of questions and answers, acting as a social health network for expecting families, accompanies by a pregnancy tracker.

BabyCenter My Pregnancy TodayBabyCenter’s My Pregnancy Today
All of your pregnancy questions answered, by other mums, through videos and nutrition guides. There is a Calendar function, a way to track your baby’s movements and a developmental growth widget.


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