Amy’s baby bump

After the fuss of the announcement of her second pregnancy last week, Amy Huberman’s thoughts are turning towards the joys – and practicalities – of pregnancy this week.

Amys pregnancy cravingsMaternity clothes, shoes and bags –among other pregnancy cravings – are on her mind as she tweeted “I want a new bag, And a winter coat. #pregnancy cravings.”

Amys AnnouncementThis will be baby No. 2 for Brian and Amy, whose daughter Sadie is one year old. The announcement is just one of Irish baby announcements in the last week; Amy joins Una Foden, Tipperary-born singer of The Saturdays, Samantha Mumba and Jennifer Maguire who all announced recently that they are all expecting babies next year.

Amys AW Shoe CollectionNot content with just one impending arrival, Amy celebrated another launch this week. She announced the launch of the Autumn/Winter range of the Amy Huberman Shoe Collection at Bourbon Footwear.

This is the third release of her own shoe brand with Bourbon. Made in Portugal with some fine leather, the range is a beautiful collection of both fashionable and comfortable shoes.

We suggest Amy takes time to look at Tiffany Rose or Isabella Oliver if she needs a winter coat!

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