Borrow for your Bump?

Borrow for Your BumpIt seems like a good idea!

Borrow For Your Bump is a new American retailer which allows pregnant women to rent maternity clothes, and have them tailored to their own preferences and style. You browse online and borrow; then when your receive you items, you can choose to buy them or borrow by the month at 75% off the retail price.

It’s not exactly a new idea – we already have Stylemama, which is well known throughout Ireland for dressing mums in waiting for their special events, with the finest maternity dresses & millinery.

But this appears to be a little different – rent a whole wardrobe for your pregnancy, not just something for a special occasion.

The logic is there are some Mums-to-be who don’t want to invest in clothes they will only wear for a limited number of months, or for pregnant women who don’t have the energy to dress stylishly while pregnant. It’s for that feeling when you’re in Month 8 and you go to your wardrobe and not have anything to wear.

What do you think? Would it fly in Ireland?

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