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Maternity Headlines You Missed?

Here is a round-up of all the maternity clothes headlines you may have missed in the last week: Oh oh. What if Kate’s pregnancy look was “sexed up”? Good Advice on picking maternity trousers and sizing from a UK forum €20 worth of maternity clothes for resale on Where to find maternity clothes in […]

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Stylish Maternity Clothes

We admit, it is quite a challenge – to find maternity clothes that are actually more stylish than your regular clothes. And it’s extremely hard to find a wide range of really stylish maternity clothes. So we liked PopSugar’s approach in this blog post – to mix and match maternity and non-maternity clothes to come […]

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USA Maternity Clothes

Searching for a maternity look which you won’t see on everyone else? Or something a bit out of the ordinary? One place to look online is at American maternity clothes stores. With a much bigger domestic market, USA maternity clothes brands and manufacturers provide lots more variety, and differing levels of quality, from value to […]

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5 Best Pregnancy Apps

It just seems so; once you’re pregnant, there’s gotta be some apps for that. And of course there are – millions of them – providing any amount of information such as pregnancy calendars, baby names, contraction measurement (will we really have time for that?), and millions of articles on what you should be eating, how […]

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Borrow for your Bump?

It seems like a good idea! Borrow For Your Bump is a new American retailer which allows pregnant women to rent maternity clothes, and have them tailored to their own preferences and style. You browse online and borrow; then when your receive you items, you can choose to buy them or borrow by the month […]

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