She Wore What? Oct 8 2014

Some maternity clothes related headlines you may have missed this week about who wore what to where? – and other random maternity wear stories, to prevent you from getting on what you really should be doing today.

Skinny maternity jeans, a cami top and a cardigan or kimono, is doing it for Karen Koster of Expose … from the Evening Herald.

Marks & Spencer is dipping its toes into maternity clothing. Not online yet though, according to Drapers

Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins presents her bump in a delicious red maternity dress, Reveal reveals.

RTE news presenter Claire Byrne welcomes baby Jane according to Maternity & Infant

Maternity wear for winter is the topic of this forum post, from the Well Trained Mind Community in the USA

Charlotte Hawkins steps out in this Tiffany Rose dress, as seen in Parent Dish

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